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    Alcoa NYSE: AA is a global industry leader in bauxite, alumina and aluminum products with a vision to reinvent the aluminum industry for a sustainable future. With a values-based approach that encompasses integrity, operating excellence, care for people and courageous leadership, our purpose is to Turn Raw Potential into Real Progress. Since developing the process that made aluminum an affordable and vital part of modern life, our talented Alcoans have developed breakthrough innovations and best practices that have led to greater efficiency, safety, sustainability and stronger communities wherever we operate.

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    Dissemination of Company Information Alcoa Corporation intends to make future announcements regarding company developments and financial performance through its website at www. Camille was appointed to the Louisiana Board of Ethics, a member body which regulates all state government employees.

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    She also served as President of the Greater New Orleans Chapter of the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, Inc. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Pro Bono Project, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services SLLSand the New Orleans Federal Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her leadership at the local and national level.

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    Remington focuses on consumer financial services litigation, enterprise litigation, and cannabis litigation. He represents and advises companies of all sizes including national banks, insurance companies, lenders, and cannabis cultivators.

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    He was recognized for his Pro Bono work the SULC's Expungement Initiative. Through the program, run by SULC's Office of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives, Vice Chancellor Marla Dickerson, her team of attorneys, and volunteers such as Remington meet with qualified Louisiana citizens and address clearing their criminal records at no cost.

    Zugleiche gebe es schon jetzt ein breites Spektrum an Unterstützung für das Land. Die Sprecherin nannte etwa Hilfe durch EU-Behörden wie Frontex oder Europol vor Ort. Der Notstand gilt nach Angaben der Regierung für sechs Monate und soll die besonders betroffenen Regionen im Süden entlasten.

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    Das Geld soll demnach aus dem Fonds für nationale Notfälle bereitgestellt werden. Es sollen zudem einfacher neue Aufnahmezentren für Flüchtlinge errichtet werden können.

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    Dass der Notstand nun wegen der Migranten ausgerufen wurde, löste unter Oppositionspolitikern Kritik aus.