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The firm is focused on tokenizing the world of loyalty programs, and already counts a number of Fortune firms such as IBM and Deloitte as clients. Last year, Loyyal closed its Series A round of funding and partnered with Smart Dubai to develop the incentivization program for DubaiNOW, a mobile app that gives users access to a full suite of government services.

The firm is also partnering with the Dubai government on several other blockchain-based initiatives aimed at improving the accessibility and security of government data.

Krypto Labs shortlists three firms in $250,000 start-up competition

Right now, the GBC is focused on bringing its experience to bear on seven key projects, ranging from digitizing its thriving diamond trade to incorporating new businesses on the blockchain. ArabCoin Still in private beta, ArabCoin is looking to launch the first fully regulated crypto commodities exchange in the United Arab Emirates. The firm also has announced plans to partner with brick-and-mortar retailers across the UAE on rolling out crypto payments supported by the ArabCoin platform.

Etherty Etherty is another one of the many Dubai startups looking to tokenize the world of real estate investment. The Etherty platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade property-backed cryptocurrency on a secure, decentralized real estate exchange.

investiere in krypto dubai

Block Gemini Block Gemini is the leading crypto and blockchain consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa region. Its popularity has become abundantly clear by the sheer amount of blockchain events hosted there.

Russen fluten ihre Unternehmungen mit Krypto nach Dubai

Crypto Events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Some of the most popular crypto and blockchain events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are: World Blockchain Summit : a "global series of elite gatherings" for investors, exchanges and others. Blockchain Dubai Summit : a three-day international conference of "senior decision-makers.

How Riz and Mona Can Help What is Cryptocurrency? Digital currencies are rapidly gaining more fame in the UAE, and there is an immensely profitable business opportunity to venture into the sectors of cryptocurrency exchanges, holding, trading, and a huge range of other unique and exciting business opportunities. How to start a cryptocurrency business in Dubai, UAE is among the topmost discussed topics for newbie entrepreneurs and fresh investors, but before that, we need to develop an understanding of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency or digital currency is decentralized digital money based on the famous blockchain technology. There is no central authority to maintain and manage the value of cryptocurrency.

Crypto Expo Dubai : a two-day event for crypto traders and investors. DeFi Investment Summit : a two-day DeFi-oriented investment summit.

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Wow Summit : a web3-oriented series of summits with a week in Dubai to discuss innovation in DeFi and NFTs. Conclusion Crypto in the UAE is growing, and fast. The desert state has made the most of its geographic location and full government coffers to attract some of the fastest-growing companies in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

One of the UAE's strategic advantages over other locations is the robust state of its public finances. Dubai and Abu Dhabi certainly do not rely on crypto money in times of rising commodity prices, so they are happy to attract companies now and can ride out a bear market without blinking.

Even though the influx of potentially dirty money and shady exchanges is something to monitor, other jurisdictions should observe the Emirates' approach closely.

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Abu Dhabi’s new crypto exchanges have institutional investors, family offices in their sights

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Wie in Kryptowährungen investieren? Der CryptoStudio Anfänger-Guide Wie in Kryptowährungen investieren? Der CryptoStudio Anfänger-Guide In diesem Artikel erfährst du … die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten in Kryptowährungen zu investieren, sowohl über klassische Investment-Kanäle als auch im Krypto-Ökosystem, wie du über den Primär- und Sekundärmarkt in Kryptowährungen investieren kannst und warum vor allem Anfänger über etablierte Krypto-Börsen anlegen sollten, wie du ein Konto bei einer Krypto-Börse eröffnest, Geld auflädst und Kryptowährungen kaufst und verkaufst.

VARA has already granted licenses to Kraken, Binance, and FTX Europe—all prominent players within the sector. The adoption of crypto on a local level is noticeable in the UAE.

For example, grocery delivery service YallaMarket is accepting payments in crypto and has floated the idea of paying salaries in crypto. In the DMCC, by entering a MoU with the SCA has established a regulatory framework for businesses offering, issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets in DMCC.

Crypto Bank Account Opening in Dubai

As a trade-off, the DMCC had aligned with the requirements laid out in the SCA Virtual Asset Regulation Framework. Businesses that are dealing with crypto assets thus gain access to licences for crypto-commodities trading.

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Businesses that have DMCC trading licences can only trade on their behalf, using their funds for trading. The license does not come with the provisions for establishing exchange houses or conducting ICOs. The DFSA Crypto Regulations At the end of DFSA announced they have adopted their own regulatory framework for Investment Tokens based on the Consultation Paper issued in March The DFSA considers an Investment Token either a Security or a Derivative Token and the newly formed framework welcomes both individuals and Authorised Firms wishing to partake in the market.

With this first phase of adopting a Digital Assets regime representing a step forward for the implication of the DIFC in the crypto asset market, the regulating body is considering further adoption of tokens not covered yet, such as exchange tokens, utility tokens and stablecoins.

In the United Arab Emirates, the legislation that deals with the AML efforts is Federal Decree-law No. Apart from anti-money laundering, the investiere in krypto dubai also deals with combating terrorism financing and illegal organizations.

investiere in krypto dubai

The AML law, along with the Cabinet Resolution No. It also applies to the DIFC and ADGM. It is reasonable to assume — therefore — that it considers several newer aspects and makes the legislation foolproof. Moreover, there is Law No. Conceals the true nature, origin, location, way of disposition, or ownership of rights under the proceeds of a transaction.

Acquires, possesses or uses the proceeds upon receipt; or Assists the perpetrator to escape punishment.

Dubai looks to become the crypto capital of the world

The vital thing to note here is that one does not require to prove the illicit source of the funds to convict a person for money laundering. Simultaneously, it would not constitute an offense of money laundering if the accused was not fully aware that the funds were derived from a felony or misdemeanor.

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No distinctions exist when it comes to assets in digital form. The monetary penalty can range anywhere betweenDirhams and 5 million Dirhams.

It becomes all the more severe when committed by the representative of a legal entity e. In such cases, the monetary penalty may range anywhere betweenand 50 million Dirhams. Additionally, all the funds considered to be tainted are forfeited. If forfeiture of funds is not possible, the authorities will seize an equivalent volume of funds through assets or some other way.

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Virtual currencies also come under the provisions of forfeiture. What is vital to remember is that the legislation does not mention crypto assets. But they are assets in the broader sense of the term. They remain open for confiscation by the courts if they have been tainted in money laundering schemes.

investiere in krypto dubai