Investing In Ethereum Name Service (ENS) – Everything You Need to Know

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Ethereum is not a company and does not make money. These are the individuals to whom network fees go. Where can I buy Ethereum, and how do I pay? Bank transfers and credit cards are accepted on many popular crypto exchanges.

If you own another cryptocurrency, you can trade it for Ethereum on an exchange.

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Where do you store Ethereum after you buy it? Ethereum is stored in a crypto wallet.

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Some wallets use hardware for an extra layer of security, but many are purely software. Top wallets support many different cryptocurrencies and support online storage. Some exchanges let you store cryptocurrency with them using a custodial wallet.

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A custodial wallet is not the same as a crypto wallet, which you control completely. You could potentially have trouble accessing your crypto if an exchange on which you store crypto faces technical or legal issues.

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Can I trade Ethereum for cash? Yes, you can use a centralized exchange to trade your Ethereum for cash. The process is the same as buying crypto for cash, except that you are the seller instead of the buyer. Do I pay taxes on Ethereum?

Investing in Ethereum? What you need to know about it and why it's not just another bitcoin

If you sell at a loss, you could offset taxes owed on capital gains you had elsewhere. If Ethereum were to disappear overnight, a much larger swath of the crypto world would also vanish. You can earn additional Ethereum by staking. Following the Ethereum merge, blocks of transactions would be verified using a consensus mechanism called proof-of-stake.

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While technically, this is not an interest rate or a company dividend, the chance to earn passive income is a plus for Ethereum owners who plan to have it long term. Cons Transaction fees can be a drag. Also, the network can only process about a dozen transactions per second, regardless of demand.

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Funds are volatile, and transactions are irreversible. Cryptocurrencies are still a new kind of asset, and they have been highly volatile.

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Storing ETH and other crypto carries risks. Multiple crypto platforms where you can buy or sell Ethereum and other coins have crashed or been hacked, leaving users without access to funds.

In addition, FTX, FTX. US and BlockFi filed for bankruptcy in Image: Ethereum Name Service.

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So we decided to see how much we could glean just from these crumbs of information. Turns out it's quite a lot.

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We reached out to everybody we looked into and have included any replies received. Identifying high-net-worth individuals While the richest Ethereum addresses tend to be attached to pseudonymous names—hiding the owner's real identity—not all of them are.

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And even the most abstract names aren't always foolproof. Even those wearing masks may not be as anonymous as they think. There are no other names associated with the address and it has made just four transactions, ever.

Not much to go on. But the address that registered the name tells a different story.

This may also explain why the name is so understated. AD AD Poloniex's main wallet sent the address regular payments just shy of ETH until November 8, Image: Etherscan.

Could this be our very own financier, Ethereum billionaire Joe Lubin who owns ConsenSys, which funds an editorially independent Decrypt and was the incubator for none other than MetaMask and Weifund?

It just might be. It looks like Thorsten Schulte may own the silberjunge. Image: Twitter.